Expandable sleeving is generally used whenever a cable or wire requires additional external protection in tough or hazardous environments. It can be used for everything from marine applications to automotive, electronic, and industrial applications. It may also be used for cable bundling or to add aesthetic appeal.

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General Purpose

A range of products suggested for general wire management, bundling and protection applications in home, office, commercial and industrial environments. This selection of products offers economical and user-friendly solutions. This can include: Flexible, Woven Wrap, Grip Wrap and Ridged Tubular Sleeving.

Heavy Duty

In applications where protection from abrasion damage is a primary concern, this line of Techflex products is the right solution for rugged, challenging environments.

Metal & Shielding

A group of products that not only provide protection and management for wires and cables, but also offer EMI, RFI and ESD protection in a wide range of vulnerable applications. This can include: Tinned Copper, Copper Braid, Brass Braid, Stainless Steel and Silver Plated Sleeving.

High Temperature

Designed for protection in high temperature environments where failure would be catastrophic, these products are state of the art in high temperature material engineering.


These products are highly engineered, application specific products to fulfill the customer's individual specifications. This can include: Non-Skid, Mylar, Nylon, Chrome, Carbon Fiber, Liquid Wrap, Flat, Flexo Mounting System and HVAC Wrap Sleeving.

Electrical Insulation

We offer a variety of coated fiberglass sleeving engineerd to provide a range of insulation options up to 15,000 volt protection. This can include: Acrylic Flex Glass, Silicone Flex Glass and Vinyl Flex Glass Sleeving.

Lacing Tape

This product is used extensively throughout the aerospace, electronics, medical and many more smaller specialist manufacturing industries. This can include: Braided Nylon, Braided Fiberglass, Braided Polyester, Braided NX and TFE-Fluorocarbon. 

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Product Data Sheets

  • General Purpose
  • Heavy Duty
  • Metal & Shielding
  • High Temperature
  • Specialty
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Lacing Tape