Mil-Spec Wire & Cable

The Wire Connection is an authorized stocking distributor of various Mil-spec wire and cable. Military and commercial aerospace wire and cable are applied in many different applications such as communications, aircraft and in-flight entertainment markets, microwave markets, along with many other markets and applications.

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For use in internal wiring of electronic equipment and appliances. M16878 (HP-3 & HP-4) lead wires have a low coefficient of friction which promotes easy handling. The insulation also resists hot soldering irons, is self extinguishing, non-flammable, has excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for immersion in gasoline, gasoline vapor and oil (at 80º C maximum). Weathering, ozone and most corrosive environments do not affect PTFE or FEP insulation.


M22759 wires are high-performance, medium and high-temperature hookup wires with extruded PTFE or ETFE, or PTFE/polyimide tape insulators and stranded conductors. These wires are designed for severe-environment aerospace applications, such as engine controls and SWAMP areas. Some types are available with highly abrasion-resistant insulation and / or high-strength conductors for maximum performance under mechanical stresses.


M81044 wire is an extremely versatile and reliable stranded single-conductor, jacketed, and insulated lead wire with an impressive operating range of -65°C to 150°C (-85°F to 302°F), and a maximum voltage rating of 600V. This wire offers a resistance to cut-through, abrasion, cold flow and common chemicals, and has low smoke characteristics. This wire is ideal for cable construction, routing in conduits or in protected areas of avionics and airframe compartments.


The M27500 Cable specification is commonly used to describe both shielded and unshielded cable constructions for avionics, aerospace and airframe applications. Conductor size, insulation type, number of conductors, shielding material and jacket compound are included in the data sheet tab above.

Shipboard Cable

M26463, M26460 and M915F are used for any water-based vessels. This can include ships both naval and general use, drilling rigs, submarines, etc. 

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