Hook-Up & Lead Wire

Hook-up/lead wire is applied in many different applications such as appliance wiring, transformers, motors, switches, heating/cooling, along with many others various applications.

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Type UL 

These wires can be used for appliance and electronic internal wiring. They are made of stranded copper with PVC insulation. 


This is a general purpose electrical wire used in a broad range of commercial and industrial electronic applications. The wire is used where there might be exposure to abrasion, impact, cut-through, or chemicals. This family of wires offers great resistance to moisture, fuels, hydraulic fluids, and other common industrial solvents. 


For use in internal wiring of electronic equipment and appliances. M16878 (HP-3 & HP-4) lead wires have a low coefficient of friction which promotes easy handling. The insulation also resists hot soldering irons, is self extinguishing, non-flammable, has excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for immersion in gasoline, gasoline vapor and oil (at 80º C maximum). Weathering, ozone and most corrosive environments do not affect PTFE or FEP insulation. This can be classified under Types B, C, D, E, EE, ET, B/N, C/N, D/N as well as various Type UL wires. 


M81044 wire is an extremely versatile and reliable stranded single-conductor, jacketed, and insulated lead wire with an impressive operating range of -65°C to 150°C (-85°F to 302°F), and a maximum voltage rating of 600V. This wire offers a resistance to cut-through, abrasion, cold flow and common chemicals, and has low smoke characteristics. This wire is ideal for cable construction, routing in conduits or in protected areas of avionics and airframe compartments.


Exane® is the wire and cable of choice for all locomotives built by ElectroMotive, General Electric and MotivePower. Signal and communication applications are also excellent opportunities for Exane® to prove its reliability. Flame retardency, low smoke generation and circuit integrity are only a few of its outstanding characteristics.

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