Cordage & Power Cable

Portable cordage and power cable are used in many different applications such as push-button remote controls, portable industrial machinery and compressors, water purification systems, food processing and wash down, industrial cooling and refrigeration equipment, along with many other various applications.

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The different letters in each type of portable cord designate the characteristics the cord has. 'S' is Service and 'J' is Junior. That means the voltage rating of the cord is 300 volts. A single ‘O’ is an oil resistant outer jacket, while the double ‘OO’ is oil resistant insulation and an oil resistant outer jacket. The ‘W’ is for weather and water resistant, and is CSA approved for indoor or outdoor use. 

SO Cord & SOW Cable

SO Cord and SOW Cable feature excellent resistance to oil and moisture, good tensile strength, elongation and aging characteristics, high flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance. SOW Cable and SO Cord are water resistant, UL listed and CSA certified for indoor and outdoor use.

SJT Cord

SJT Cord is hard usage service cord designed for use with heavy tools, equipment, portable lights and power extensions. It is also used with large appliances and lighting installations.

STO & STOW Cords

The STOW has a thermoplastic jacket, making it the least flexible of the SO portable cords. However, they work great for consumer applications, portable lights and power extensions.

The STO cords are multiconductor power cables that can be used in 600 volt applications that require flexibility and durability such as portable tools, motors, floor maintenance equipment, hospital equipment, sound equipment, washing machines, portable lights, lamps and similar equipment.


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